A better speaker for a greener world, the Harmony Block™ portable sound system is handmade & assembled out of sustainable bamboo and the highest quality audio components available.   It stands out to be one of the most powerful and richest sounding portable wireless speakers ever produced. 


Perfect for both your home and active lifestyle; it allows you to run an instrument or any line level device as a secondary channel.  It also functions as a yoga block and a sound healing device as well. 

Harmony Block

  • Input: Wireless & 1/8" TRS aux in | 2 channel

    Size: w 9" h 5.56" x 4" (Golden Rectangle)

    Weight: 4.7 lb

    Frequency Range: 60 hz - 20K Hz

    Power: 2x30 60W

    Material: FSC certified sustainable bamboo

    Battery: 17+ hours 4400 mah LiFePO

  • We stand by our products and will always be there to make sure you are 100 percent satasified with your purchase. 


    • 10 Day money back guarantee. 
    • 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.
    • Lifetime satisfaction commitment