A better speaker for a greener world, the Eco Bass™ portable speaker is handmade & assembled out of sustainable bamboo and the highest quality audio components available.  This is the speaker to keep by your side, whether it's on your bookshelf, camp site, dorm room, picnic blanket or in your back pack, it looks and sounds great and can hold a charge for over 10 hours to you can get your dance on or hear that entire podcast or audio book.  

 Bosting a 2.1 speaker set up it creates an excellent sonic stereo field and has great dedicated bass


Makes a great gift for a student or any audio lover with great taste.


Eco Bass

SKU: EB001



    Size: W/H/L: 6cm (2.36 in) cubed
    Lithium Battery: 450mAh
    Weight: 260g (0.57 LBS)
    Power: 2x30 60W
    Material: FSC certified sustainable bamboo

  • Side Quest, Jamboo, Nexploror, Adventure Block, Space Cowboy, Maurice