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Big Idea: Our plan is to help local makers, landlords, and neighborhoods revive vacant spaces through a nonprofit backed 

community arts partnership known as Maker Mart. 

Maker Mart will help address the issue of street blight caused by San Francisco’s current retail crisis and support local makers and artists with structural assistance, institutional resources, business development and the opportunity to publicly vend their wares in vacant storefronts. This movement is supported by the nonprofit Intersection for the Arts , real estate companies, developers, the city of San Francisco, local community groups and numerous product specialists.

The Problem: 

● Vacant storefronts encourage crime, drug use and homeless encampments costing landlords money and forcing residents to suffer. 

● Landlords face a lack of revenue with increasing costs and new municipal fines due to extended vacancies. 

● Increasing rent and pressure on small business have made it difficult for local manufacturers to find suitable spaces and retail outlets for their goods.


● The city is losing potential income due to overwhelming commercial vacancies in San Francisco. 

● There are many vacant commercial properties being underutilized in San Francisco. 

● Empty retail/commercial spaces often sit vacant for extended periods and are left unstaged for potential renters/buyers to utilize.

The Solution: 

Partnership with Non-Profit Maker Mart: 

● Activates empty retail and commercial locations by temporarily staging them with locally curated products, art and community resources. 

● Allows landlords to donate space by providing beneficial tax deductions. 

● Markets vacant properties using event-based strategies proven to draw community and drive long-term tenants into said space. 

● Empower’s local artists and makers through education. Providing them low-cost space to vend their wares, grow and thrive. 

● Promotes public relations and builds bonds between developers, real estate companies and local communities 

● Enriches the neighborhood and local community by providing a hub for creativity. 

Benefits: Property Managers | Real Estate Professionals | Building Owners: 

● Exposes property to potential tenants, investors, and developers. 

● Mitigates opportunity loss by providing valuable tax deductions. 

● It provides free staging, drives traffic, and prepares a space for occupancy. 

● Showcases the economic potential of a property and raises community awareness. 

● Increases activity helping to eliminate blight and the problems associated with vacancy. 

● Creates positive public relations with community members. 

Artists & Makers 

● Provides low-cost space to exhibit and distribute products. 

● Educates participants on common business practices. 

● Builds community and encourages collaboration. 

● Contributes community resources and traction for Artists and Makers. 

● Supports and builds local brands. 

City Officials & Nonprofits: 

● Creates a positive impact on some of San Francisco’s most pressing issues without burdening city resources. 

● Assists organizations in supporting local artists, building community and creates bridges between the city, nonprofits and their constituents. 

Business Owners, & Sponsors 

● Tax benefits for donations, supplies, and services. 

● Traction and visibility that builds better brand awareness 

● Assists in idea development and allows brands to test new products and concepts. 

● Reduces advertising costs through direct community involvement. 

The Approach: 

● Secure space in order to host a month-long maker pop-up during the 2019 holiday season. 

● Act as a liaison between artists, makers, property owners, and the city. 

● Provide curation and staffing the space during the duration of the pop-up. 

● Design and implement educational programming to benefit local residents and entrepreneurs. 

● Clean and prepare space as well as clean space after pop-up 

● Provide event insurance and security for all events involved. 


Week 1- Setup & Curation Week 2 & 3- Activation, Education, & Retail distribution Week 4- Disassembly & Strike 

The Ask: We are looking for interested and willing property managers, building owners, and real estate 

professionals. We are happy to explore any opportunity where space can be contributed for a month-long retail pop-up activation. We are also open to a single day or weekend-long pop-up activations in selected spaces that coincide with community events such as art walks or street festivals.

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